XTC Series

Dometic’s Sea Xchange XTC Series fully automatic seawater reverse-osmosis systems feature an automatic modulating high-pressure regulating system that regulates and monitors system functions without operator intervention. XTC features an integrated mechanical backup built right into each system, and if the User Interface fails, there’s an LCD backup in the control box.

Standard Features

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Global Remote Access via Internet for Monitoring/Troubleshooting
  • Automatic High-Pressure Valve with Integrated Mechanical Backup
  • 7” Color Touchscreen Display (NEMA 4X)
  • Smartphone Control Capabilities
  • LCD User Interface Backup Display
  • NMEA 2000 Compatible
  • 2-in-1 Modular or Compact Frame Design
  • Stainless 316L High-Pressure Pump
  • Stainless 316L Boost Pump Motor Shaft
  • TEFC Motor with Thermal Motor Protection
  • Optional Remote 7” Color Touchscreen Display (NEMA 4X)
  • Optional 316L SS Commercial Pre-Filter Housing
  • Automatic Freshwater Flush
  • Fully Upgradable from 600gpd to 2200gpd
  • Commercially Available Seawater Membranes
  • 60 Hertz/230v / 14.1 Amps
  • 50 Hertz/220v / 15.4 Amps

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  • szseries3-autoFully Automated Designed on the same principals as our other systems except the XTC Series is fully automated – just press start and it takes cares of the rest.
  • szseries3-optimizedOptimized Performance Depending on the flow rate and feed water conditions, the system will automatically optimize pressure and flow rate for consistent performance.
  • szseries3ZTC Compatible Designed to operate seamlessly with the ZTC Double Pass spot-free system, and features a fully mechanical backup if automation fails.
  • szseries3-99Remove Up to 99% TDS Removes 95-99% of solid content from seawater, turning saltwater into potable fresh water ready for use or further purification.
  • szseries3-flushFreshwater Flush Comes standard with freshwater flush that automatically flushes the entire system weekly to keep the membranes in good working condition.
  • szseries3-builtBuilt to Last No plastic here! All components are crafted from 316L stainless steel, from the high-pressure pump to the boost pump motor shaft.

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XTC Series Dimensions

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