ZTC Double Pass Series

The ZTC Double Pass line was built from the ground-up based on everything we learned from the SZ Double Pass. The result is a more compact unit designed to work with our XTC Series Watermaker in a more efficient and continuous process. Fully control your ZTC unit through a smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world using Dometic’s STIIC software.

Standard Features

  • Eliminates water spots
  • Removes 95-99% of total dissolved solids
  • Purifies dockside water
  • Removes viruses, cysts and bacteria
  • No need to chamois-dry surfaces
  • Stop wasting time drying by hand
  • Extends wax and paint life
  • Provides pure water for bathing and drinking
  • Interactive management on smartphone, tablet or computer via the Internet
  • Free app for remote monitoring with STIIC software
  • One-touch operation via built-in 7-inch color touchscreen (NEMA 4X)
  • PLC software monitors and automatically regulates all system functions
  • Very low power consumption
  • Very low noise and vibration
  • Operation is easy and reliable
  • Framed unit can be disassembled for modular installation

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  • szseries3-nextgenNext-Gen Design Control your ZTC unit from anywhere in the world through a web-enabled device. No other water purifier system provides this level of two-way interactive intelligence.
  • szseries3-99Remove 99% of TDS Remove up to 95-99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from any dockside or on-board water supply. The result is soft, pure water for a spot-free rinse without the need to hand-dry.
  • szseries3bNo More Hand-Drying Rinse your vessel down to a spot-free shine with no need to chamois-dry surfaces, saving you and your crew both time and money.
  • szseries3-protectProtect Finishes Extend the life of wax, paint and other finishes throughout your vessel. In the long run, this can save thousands of dollars in maintenance and refinishing.
  • szseries3-comfortCruise in Comfort Cook, clean food, drink and make ice free of water-born contaminants. Also you can bathe, wash clothes and dishes, and more without concern for scaling, mildew or lime build-up.
  • szseries3-lightTravel Light Enjoy efficient, cost-effective travel by not buying and transporting potable water. Save money, reduce the weight your vessel carries and free up valuable storage space on board.

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ZTC 2000 Dimensions

ZTC 2000 Modular

ZTC 3000 Dimensions

ZTC 3000 Modular

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