SZ Mobile 2.0 Water Purifier

Water Purification On the Go

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The Spot Zero® SZ Mobile Series freshwater reverse-osmosis system is designed for boats that don’t have the space for a built-in Spot Zero® system. Enjoy ultra-pure spot-free wash downs and benefits in a portable design. The SZ Mobile Series takes water that’s a few hundred ppm typically down to just 10 – 20 ppm. No more drying or chamois ever again!

Offered Capacities – 3,000 GPD

Buy with standard wheels $5,779
Buy with big wheels $5,779

Find a Dealer Only offered in 115V – View Spec Sheet

Designed for Center Consoles and boats 50′ and under

The SZ Mobile Series takes water that’s a few hundred ppm typically down to just 10 – 20 ppm, for ultra-pure spot-free wash downs.

Up to
3,000 GPD

Gallons Per Day

Up to
125 GPH

Gallons Per Hour

Up to
99% TDS

Total Dissolved Solids Removed

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No More Hand Drying!

Never dry or chamois your vessel again. Save time, energy, and money by leaving paint, isinglass, stainless, motor cowlings, and more looking its best.

Spot-Free Benefits

Since dried dissolved solids in water are what leave water spots, removing them is crucial to a true spot-free rinse and to the rest of the benefits purified water can provide to a vessel.

Removes up to 99% of TDS

Like softeners, the SZ series will remove hardness from the feed water but unlike softeners, Spot Zero® removes up to 99% of the remaining TDS (total dissolved solids) in the feed water.


Take the Spot Zero® Mobile anywhere you go and reap the benefits of ultra-pure- spot-free water.

Key Features

  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Easy to Use Plug and Play Operation
  • Flow Counter for Tracking Consumption and Maintenance
  • Wheels and Handles for Easy Moving
  • Handheld Digital TDS Meter Included
  • Most Powerful & Tankless System
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Optional Big Wheel Kit
  •  230VAC (#252405010)
  • Ultra-Low Energy Membranes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

SZ Mobile 2.0 Spec Sheet

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