XZII HD Series Water Maker + Water Purifier

Make a lot of fresh water…
then purify it.

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The XZII is a combination series for boaters in need of a compact, integrated system for creating truly spot-free water from seawater anywhere in the world. The Dometic XZII combines our XTCII watermaker with the ZTCII Spot Zero® Double Pass into a seamless, fully automated system with low noise levels and low power consumption. Go from saltwater to spot-free in one efficient process.

3,000 GPD / 125 GPH

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Combined Efficiencies

The combination of the XTCII + ZTCII creates an all-in-one package.

Up to
5,000 GPD

Gallons per day

Up to
208 GPH

Gallons per hour

Up to
60 Hz / 230v 14.1 Amps

50 Hz / 220v / 15.4 Amps


Double Power

Enjoy an XTC watermaker and ZTC Double Pass system in one common frame, so you can go from seawater to spot-free in one seamless purification process.

Simplify Your Rig

The combo system makes for easier installation and operation. Just turn on one device and the whole system goes to work creating true spot-free water.

Enjoy Efficiency

The XZ is less expensive than buying each system separately, and the way we’ve designed the combo takes up less overall space onboard your vessel.

Ultimate Purification

First, the watermaker removes 95-99% of solid content from seawater, and then the ZTC Double Pass kicks in, creating truly soft, pure, spot-free water.

Cruise in Comfort

Cook, clean food, drink and make ice-free of water-borne contaminants. Also, you can bathe, wash clothes and dishes, and more without concern for scaling, mildew, or lime build-up.

Travel Light

Enjoy efficient, cost-effective travel by not buying and transporting potable water. Save money, reduce the weight your vessel carries and free up valuable storage space on board.

XTCII Key Features

  • 2-in-1 Compact Frame
  • 316L in SS High-Pressure Regulating Valve
  • 316L SS High-Pressure Pump 316L SS
  • 316L SS Boost Pump Motor Shaft
  • TEFC Motor with Thermal Motor Protection
  • Computer Controller with Backlit Display

ZTCII Key Features

  • Eliminates water spots
  • Removes 95-99% of total dissolved solids
  • Purifies dockside water
  • Removes viruses, cysts and bacteria
  • Interactive management on smartphone, tablet or computer via the Internet
  • Free app for remote monitoring with STIIC software
  • One-touch operation via built-in 7-inch color touchscreen (NEMA 4X)
  • PLC software monitors and automatically regulates all system functions

XZII Series Specs

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