How to Save Valuable Time on Boat Wash Down

How many hours does your crew spend cleaning your boat after an outing? Depending on where you went and how much wind you encountered, it can take the better part of a day to return your vessel to its former glory.

The seemingly endless cycle of washing and buffing isn’t finished until the boat is completely clean and dry.

boat wash down

This inefficient method of cleaning not only keeps the crew from attending to other important tasks but also means you spend quite a lot on maintenance. Reduce the time and money required to keep your boat looking its best by making a few simple changes to your cleaning routine.

Try a Pressure Washer


Many boat owners turn to pressure washing to remove excess dirt and salt from their vessels. Although it requires some skill to get the pressure level and technique right, pressure washing makes a filthy job less of a hassle.

Specialized soaps and detergents designed for these machines reduce the time and effort involved. Pressure washing isn’t a replacement for careful hand washing, but it can be a useful part of your maintenance routine if you spend a lot of time out on the water.

Filter Out Impurities

Impurities in washing water are what leaves behind the streaks and spots your crew spends so much time trying to buff away.

Water filtration with a system like SpotZero gets rid of the compounds responsible for spotting so that you always have a source of pure water.

spot zero

Instead of spending hours dealing with stubborn water marks, you can spray the boat down and move on. Clean water means a clean boat without extra effort and no damage from unknown chemicals or contaminants.

Maintain the Wax

save time on wash down

A smooth surface makes it harder for dirt to cling to your boat’s hull. Periodic waxing adds exterior protection and makes the boat easier to wipe down during cleaning.

Combine a good wax job with filtered water to eliminate spotting and keep your boat looking like new even after a long day out on the water. A coating of wax also prolongs the life of the paint.

A regular routine of washing and general upkeep combined with the occasional deep cleaning preserves the appearance of your boat. Use smart measures to reduce the time necessary to remove salt and grime, and you’ll have the freedom to enjoy more outings with less maintenance.


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