SE Series

The SeaXchange SE Series is our most compact and efficient watermaker yet. This line of seawater RO systems features a compact design and high-quality components for lighter-duty leisure applications. The SE series offers a user-friendly interface, which allows boaters to conveniently make fresh water whenever and wherever they want.

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Standard Features

  • 2-in-1 Modular or Compact Frame
  • 316L in SS High-Pressure Regulating Valve
  • 316L SS High-Pressure Pump 316L SS
  • 316L SS Boost Pump Motor Shaft
  • TEFC Motor with Thermal Motor Protection
  • Computer Controller with Backlit Display
  • Freshwater Flush Available
  • Optional Remote Control
  • Tank Switch Input
  • Digital TDS Reading
  • Fully Upgradable from 350gpd to 800gpd
  • Commercially Available Seawater Membranes
  • 60 Hertz / 230v / 11.4 Amps
  • 50 Hertz / 220v / 12.6 Amps

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Spec Sheet

  • szseries3-compactCompact Design The SE series is our most compact and most efficient system ever, and perfect for the water-making needs of smaller vessels.
  • szseries3-plugFlexible Power Designed to be flexible on power needs, these systems reduce your on-board power consumption for more efficient operation.
  • szseries3-computerComputer Controlled Features a computer controller with backlit display for easy operation, as well as digital TDS readouts so you know exactly how clean your water is.
  • szseries3-99Remove up to 99.7% TDSRemoves 99.4% or greater of dissolved solid content from seawater, turning saltwater into potable fresh water ready for use.
  • szseries3-flushFreshwater Flush Comes standard with freshwater flush that automatically flushes the entire system weekly to keep the membranes in good working condition.
  • szseries3-builtBuilt to Last No plastic here! All components are crafted from 316L stainless steel, from the high-pressure pump to the boost pump motor shaft.

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SE SERIES Dimensions

SE Series Consumables

Item NumberDescriptionFrequencyList Price
25240429225240429225 Micron Sediment High Capacity Pre-Filter 2.5” x 10”When Pre-Filter Inlet/Outlet Differential is <15psi$16.50
2524042912524042915 Micron Sediment High Capacity Pre-Filter 2.5” x 10”When Pre-Filter Inlet/Outlet Differential is <15psi$16.50
252404295252404295Fresh Water Flush Carbon Block 2.5”x10”Every 4 Months$17.25
252404141252404141Bacteriostatic Re-Mineralizer Cartridge 2.5”x 10”Every 100 Hours$53.50
252404179252404179SW30-2540 Sea Water Replacement Membrane 2.5” x 40”When Membrane Rejection % is less than 99.4%$519.00
252404178252404178SW30-2521 Sea Water Replacement Membrane 2.5” x 21”When Membrane Rejection % is less than 99.4%$415.00
252404298252404298High Capacity Sediment Filter for 252404317 AssemblyWhen Pre-Filter Inlet/Outlet Differential is <15psi$48.75
252404401252404401General Pump Oil 16ozAfter first 50 hours, then every 500 hours$17.30

SE Series Accessories

Item NumberDescriptionPurposeList Price
252404290252404290Remote Membrane Hose Fitting KitFor remote mounting of vessel assembly$1,290.00
252404225252404225Remote Mounted Control w/50’ Cable (For SE and SXII Systems)Remote operation and status of system$497.00
252404142252404142Bacteriostatic Re-Mineralizer Assembly (optional)Adds minerals and residual bacteriostatic principles to product$242.00
252404040252404040Digital Handheld TDS MeterTo test system product water and vessel tank water TDS$35.50
252404121252404121John Guest Push to Connect Fittings KitFor spares and complex installations that require more fittings$320.00
252404317252404317Commercial Pre-filter Assembly For high capacity pre-filtration$450.00
252404326252404326Filter Wrench 2.5” O.D.For Removal of Filter Sumps (Hand Tighten Only)$6.50
2524044612524044613/4 HP Syllent Booster Pump 50/60 HZ 230VFeed Pump for Desalination System$815

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