SZ Mobile Series

The Spot Zero SZ Mobile Series freshwater reverse-osmosis system was designed for boats 60′ and under that don’t have the space for a built in Spot Zero system to treat freshwater from dock supplies from all over the world with varying water quality characteristics, pressures and temperatures. And it does all of this in a compact, portable design. The SZ Mobile Series takes water that’s a few hundred ppm typically down to just 10 – 20 ppm, for ultra-pure spot-free wash downs.

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Standard Features

  • Compact Portable Design
  • Wheel and Handles for Easy Moving
  • Handheld Digital TDS Meter Included
  • Ultra-Low Energy Membranes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Spec Sheet

  • szseries3-99Removes up to 99% of TDS Like softeners, the SZ series will remove hardness from the feed water but unlike softeners, Spot Zero removes up to 99% of the remaining TDS (total dissolved solids) in the feed water.
  • szseries3bSpot-Free Benefits Since dried dissolved solids in water are what leave water spots, removing them is crucial to a true spot-free rinse and to the rest of the benefits purified water can provide to a vessel.
  • szseries3cVessels 60 Ft. & Below  The SZ Mobile freshwater reverse-osmosis system was designed for to wash down boats 60′ and under that don’t have the space for a built in Spot Zero system.

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SZ Mobile Dimensions

SZ Mobile Series Consumables

Item NumberDescriptionFrequencyList Price
252404000252404000Spot Zero Replacement Ultra Low Energy Membrane 4039Replace every 1000 hours$490.00
252404342252404342SZ MS3 All-in-1 Filter/Cleaner for Mobile UnitReplace Every 10,000 Gallons$162.00

SZ Mobile Series Accessories

Item NumberDescriptionPurposeList Price
252405005252405005T Handle Filter/Membrane Replacement ToolTo remove pressure vessel end caps for filter or membrane replacement$36.00
252404040252404040Digital Handheld TDS MeterTo test system product water and vessel tank water TDS$35.50
252405006252405006SZ Portable CoverTo protect system components from fading from UV light$215.00
252404297252404297Portable Dockside Pre-filtersUsed to filter dock water before a Spot Zero system$645.00
252404453252404453Snap Ring Kit To hold end caps in place on freshwater vessels$13.50
252404471252404471Portable Dockside Post-filtersAdds minerals and residual bacteriostatic principles to product (To be used when filling vessels fresh water tank.)$645.00

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