XZ Series

Turn Salt Water into Spot Free Water

Perfect for rinsing, drinking and more. The Dometic XZ is a combination series for boaters in need of a compact, integrated system for creating truly spot-free water from seawater anywhere in the world. The Dometic XZ combines our XTC watermaker with the ZTC Spot Zero Double Pass into a seamless, fully automated system with low noise levels and low power consumption. Go from saltwater to spot-free in one efficient process.

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XTC SeaXchange Watermaker
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  • 2-in-1 Modular or Compact Frame
  • 316L in SS High-Pressure Regulating Valve
  • 316L SS High-Pressure Pump 316L SS
  • 316L SS Boost Pump Motor Shaft
  • TEFC Motor with Thermal Motor Protection
  • Computer Controller with Backlit Display

ZTC Spot Zero System
Select Features

  • Eliminates water spots
  • Removes 95-99% of total dissolved solids
  • Purifies dockside water
  • Removes viruses, cysts and bacteria
  • Interactive management on smartphone, tablet or computer via the Internet
  • Free app for remote monitoring with STIIC software
  • One-touch operation via built-in 7-inch color touchscreen (NEMA 4X)
  • PLC software monitors and automatically regulates all system functions

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Spec Sheet

  • szseries3-powerDouble Power Enjoy an XTC watermaker and ZTC Double Pass system in one common frame, so you can go from seawater to spot-free in one seamless purification process.
  • szseries3-simplifySimplify Your Rig The combo system makes for easier installation and operation. Just turn on one device and the whole system goes to work creating true spot-free water.
  • szseries3-efficiencyEnjoy Efficiency The XZ is less expensive than buying each system separately, and the way we’ve designed the combo takes up less overall space on board your vessel.
  • szseries3-99Ultimate Purification First the watermaker removes 95-99% of solid content from seawater, and then the ZTC Double Pass kicks in, creating truly soft, pure, spot-free water.
  • szseries3-comfortCruise in Comfort Cook, clean food, drink and make ice free of water-born contaminants. Also you can bathe, wash clothes and dishes, and more without concern for scaling, mildew or lime build-up.
  • szseries3-lightTravel Light Enjoy efficient, cost-effective travel by not buying and transporting potable water. Save money, reduce the weight your vessel carries and free up valuable storage space on board.

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XZ Series Dimensions

XZ Series Watermaker System

XZ Series Consumables

Item NumberDescriptionFrequencyList Price
252404295252404295Fresh Water Flush Carbon Block 2.5”x10”Every 4 Months$17.25
252404141252404141Bacteriostatic Re-Mineralizer Cartridge 2.5”x 10”Every 100 Hours$53.50
252404298252404298High Capacity Sediment Filter for 252404317 AssemblyWhen Pre-Filter Inlet/Outlet Differential is <15psi$48.75
252404301252404301Spot Zero Double Stack Pre-FilterEvery 100 Hours$106.00
252404401252404401General Pump Oil 16ozAfter first 50 hours, then every 500 hours$17.30
252404448252404448Spot Zero Replacement Ultra Low Energy Membrane 4041 For Fiberglass Vessel HousingEvery 1000 Hours or 100,000 gallons of use$485.00
252404143252404143Spot Zero Vane PumpEvery 2000 Hours $352.00
252404026252404026Spot Zero MotorAs needed$$405

XZ Series Accessories

Item NumberDescriptionPurposeList Price
252404040252404040Digital Handheld TDS MeterTo test system product water and vessel tank water TDS$35.50
252404121252404121John Guest Push to Connect Fittings KitFor spares and complex installations that require more fittings$320.00
252404142252404142Bacteriostatic Re-Mineralizer Assembly (optional)Adds minerals and residual bacteriostatic principles to product$242.00
252404333252404333XZ 7” Color Touch Screen Remote DisplayRemote Operation and Control System$1,500.00
252404326252404326Filter Wrench 2.5” O.D.For Removal of Filter Sumps (Hand Tighten Only)$6.50
252404090252404090Filter Wrench 4.5” O.D.For Removal of Filter Sumps (Hand Tighten Only)$8.90
252404290252404290Remote Membrane Hose Fitting KitFor remote mounting of vessel assembly$1,290.00

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