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We’re there to keep the purest on-board water flowing. Whether it’s time to change your filters, or you just need a user manual, this page is packed with helpful info. If you have a more serious issue, Spot Zero is just a phone call away.

Warranty Request

Warranty Request Form

  • Model Numbers Begin with SZ, SXII, XTC, ZTC, XZ, SE or CX
  • Disclaimer: I understand that I will be responsible for payment if my claim, or portions of my claim, do not fall within the limitations of my warranty, negligence in maintenance, improper installation or failure to return defective part. I have provided my credit card information in the event that my claim is not warrantable. I understand that I will be informed as to the determination of the claim and my credit card will be charged for any parts, labor and shipping charges incurred. However, if my warranty is approved, my credit card information will not be used and will be destroyed properly. I have read through my warranty and the disclaimer above. I understand my responsibility in regards to warranty limitations and my responsibility for payment of non-warrantable claims.
  • 954.533.5640