Turn freshwater into the purest water on earth


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Crystal Clear Hot Tub Water

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Spot Free Rinsing

Dock water contains up to 500ppm of total disolved solids. Our Spot Zero® system eliminates up to 99% of those contaminates.

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Average hours saved drying and cleaning with our desalinators

240 Hours Per Year

Estimated on 1 hour per day/per washdown, 5 hours per week,
20 hours/month, 240 hours per year on washdowns. Our test
boat was able to reduce the crew by 1 member.

Average # of water bottles saved by using our marine water makers

3600 Bottles Saved

Our test boat was a 120’ boat with a 5 person crew at
2 bottles per day/per person.

There’s nothing like having the peace-of-mind knowing that your family is drinking the purest water on earth, 10 miles from shore. And when the journey is over a simple spot-free spray down is all you need to ready the boat for the next adventure.

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