About Spot Zero Reverse Osmosis

Spot Zero Reverse Osmosis technology was developed in 2006 to fill the demand for spot-free water once and for all. Traditionally, yachts had the option of using a mobile water softener, which reduced or removed calcium and magnesium from dockside water and replaced those ions with sodium. But by design, softeners will not remove or reduce the number of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from the water, which is why they cannot provide a true spot-free rinse.

Water spots, build-up and scaling are all caused by high TDS levels in your on-board water, therefore getting truly spot-free water means you must reduce or eliminate TDS. There are a few different ways to achieve this – reverse-osmosis, distillation and deionization. We chose reverse-osmosis because it is cost-effectiveness and easy to maintain.

And the results? People love us. Spot Zero Reverse Osmosis went from a word-of-mouth phenomenon in the high-end yachting aftermarket to a standard device for boat-builders worldwide.

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