How to Achieve Zero Scaling Inside Your Boat

You work hard to keep every surface in your boat looking like new, but hard or dirty water can make the job tough.

Scaling, spotting and green rings mar interior fixtures, creating unsightly messes requiring hours of scrubbing to remove. Save yourself the hassle of tackling these problems by taking a new approach to boat care.


1. Clean Regularly

When cleaning up after an outing, remember to include all interior fixtures. The shower, sinks and faucets may need to be wiped down or buffed, or they may require more extensive cleaning to remove dirt and grime.

Choose appropriate products to address stains and prevent damage from impurities picked up while out on the water.


If surfaces already have spotting or buildup, get the crew together and scrub until everything shines. Once the initial layer of dirt is gone, keep up the appearance with routine maintenance.

2. Be Proactive

To preserve the shine from your bigger cleaning jobs, keep microfiber cloths and other cleaning tools close at hand.

Wipe down fixtures and surfaces immediately after use, and clean up even the smallest amounts of standing water as quickly as possible.


The few minutes you spend on these simple tasks will save you from wasting time scrubbing and sweating in the future. Make sure others joining you on the boat practice the same level of cleanliness.

3. Try a Natural Solution

Sometimes water spots won’t disappear no matter how diligent you are with cleaning. Lemon juice and vinegar are both effective for removing persistent stains.


Wipe surfaces using a soft cloth and a bit of one of these acidic liquids, or rub half a lemon directly onto spotty areas. A paste of baking soda and vinegar may also work to power through stains without the need for harsh chemical cleaners.

4. Invest in Water Filtration

Preventing spots and stains in the first place saves even more cleaning time.

A SpotZero filtration system removes impurities, leaving “spot-free” water in your tank for drinking, showering and cleaning.


Installing water filtration lays the foundation for easier maintenance after future outings, minimizing the need to wipe, scrub and buff. As an added bonus, you’ll feel cleaner after showering and your hair and skin won’t suffer the drying effects of hard water.

Combining efficient cleaning methods with a powerful water filtration system means you’ll spend less time fighting with interior scaling and more time enjoying your boat!


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