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Marine Watermaker Water Purifier Fort Lauderdale Florida - spot zero water makers screen

Item Number 252404333

7” Color Touch Screen LCD Remote Display – XZII

Remote Operation and Control System

Starting at

Item Number 252404401

General Pump Oil – 16oz

After first 50 hours, then every 500 hours

Starting at

Item Number 252404290

Remote Membrane Hose Fitting Kit 30′ + 4 Reusable Fittings

For remote mounting of vessel assembly

Starting at

Item Number 252404040

Digital Handheld TDS Meter

To test system product water and vessel tank water TDS

Starting at

Item Number 252404121

John Guest Push to Connect Fittings Kit

For spares and complex installations that require more fittings

Starting at

Item Number 252404005

Spot Zero® Sediment Pre-Filter 4.5” x 10”

Replace every 100 hours

Starting at

Item Number 252404143

Spot Zero® Freshwater Brass Vane Pump 5.3 GPM

Every 2000 Hours

Starting at

Item Number 252404026

Spot Zero® Freshwater Motor 3/4 HP

As needed

Starting at

Item Number 252404090

Filter Wrench 4.5” O.D. for Dockside Pre/Post (black/grey housing)

For Removal of Filter Sumps (Hand Tighten Only)

Starting at

Item Number 252404297

Portable Dockside Pre-filters

To filter dock water before a Spot Zero® system

Starting at

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